We are ALL soldiers in The Drug War!

Which side are you on?


2019 Architect of The Capitol recognition



Civilian Platoon 420 is a group of dedicated advocates and activists from all over the Nation who believe that compassion and nature have the answer! Our members are driven by a single goal, to do their part in passing the compassion and breaking through the dangerous stigmas that plague our society today

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Everyone want's to maintain their freedom now that we are getting closer to the end of prohibition, GIMJ has dedicated her life to finding that freedom for the nation. View a list of advocacy efforts or request assistance here.



With a continued dedication to freedom & truth, GIMJ actively participates in grassroots efforts. View a list of notable activism efforts from across the nation. 

Click here to view upcoming #GIMJ outreach events. The #CommanderInKief participates in fundraising, networking, lobbying and voulenteering events that are open to the public. Come join Civilian Platoon 420 at an upcoming event


Focused on recruiting volunteers with a passion for public outreach and social justice to assist in grassroots volunteer efforts across America with a focus on giving back to the community and breaking through the dangerous stigmas that plague this society.

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