Traffic Stop in TX Leads to Home Invasion & Kidnaping

News 12 Fox reports: Denison man arrested in major drug bust

"DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - On Thursday, Terrance Lee was arrested after law enforcement got a tip he was selling various types of drugs from his apartment.

"The Sherman Police Department, U.S. Marshal Service, along with Denison PD did a traffic stop on the individual after watching him under surveillance for a while," said Lt. Mike Eppler with Denison Police.

When they pulled Lee over, they found marijuana and crack cocaine in his car, which led to law enforcement getting a search warrant of his apartment"

"During the investigation, officers found four pounds of marijuana, two ounces of crack cocaine, and one ounce of ecstasy at his apartment.

"Winding up with about $25,000 worth of narcotics," said Eppler.

On top of that, they found close to $40,000 cash.

Lee was booked in the Grayson County Jail on two counts of drug possession.

The investigation is continuing, including one more possible arrest.

"We do have possible pending charges on a juvenile who was also involved in this, to some extent that we are looking at as well," said Eppler.

Lt. Eppler said the police department will apply for civil forfeiture of that cash, meaning that money could go to the police department."

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