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Veteran first responder and of military service, Mari Hemp continues to serve her community through activism, outreach and nature. Through farming, baking and passing the compassion from Clover Leaf Farm this warrior has made a commitment to the nationwide community that she will promote the end of prohibition.


Mari was born Laura Huber on July 14, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. Part of the great migration was white northerners fleeing further north to colder regions. Mari’s extended family was part of that migration north. Landing in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Mari won the title of Little Miss Cheese Curd in Door county 1972 at the age of 5. When she turned 18, she fled a life that never wanted her and served her country dutifully in the United States Air Force. Gaining discipline and freedom, Airman Huber both served in Security Police as well as Recreation Services. In the civilian walk of Life she would wear many hats and visit many states. Landing in New Jersey, she began working in cannabis activism in 2000 on the Grasscity forums. Adopting the online persona, and person you all know and love today Marihemp was adopted after the Marihemp discussion boards began to see their inevitable decline. Sensing a change in the movement of cannabis culture Mari grabbed the name and vowed to continue the mission of the original discussion boards into the future with her.

There is much she won’t say simply because the war on people isn’t over. What she can talk about is her time as an activist in Maryland and a cannabis caregiver to fellow activists. Mari is retired now and on a small hemp farm in the thumb of Wisconsin, Door County. She’s hung up her hat with corporate America and wears the Baker/Farmer/Activist hat full time. Ask her how her hemp grows. She’s really happy to be growing a crop outside and not in some tiny closet.


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